Selected Reviews


Madame Customer is portrayed to the hilt by Heather Hodgson, and her “Alisha” has an exceptionly mobile face.…her expression telegraphed not only what she said but its meaning and intent. Her high-wattage smile and dramatic eyes transmit emotions and mind-sets. Ontario Arts Review September

“The acting was phenomenal…” The Sachem

Photo: Heather Hodgson, Brian Paul


The character-driven piece features…Drayton veteran Heather Hodgson…“Careful – and perfect – casting and the enormous comedic talents of these four performers turn what could have been a raunchy play into something truly funny, not to mention a bit philosophical. Waterloo Region Record

Romantic Comedy worthy of Broadway. … terrific cast give the play a loving production…Heather Hodgson, all surface security, finds the roiling inside fears of Nina.” The Hamilton Spectator

Photo: Neil Foster, Rob McClure, Helen Taylor and Heather Hodgson


Heather Hodgson shines in her role as Justine, the most imperfect ‘perfect woman”. Hodgson effortlessly moves through the fast-paced emotional changes of her unpredictable character with great timing, leaving the audience in stitches” Broadway News

…Hodgson handles the lightning-quick personality changes well, and the audiences will laugh at her enthusiastic raunchiness …funny, sexy and even poignant at times… Midland Mirror

Photo: Heather Hodgson, David Ludwig


The three female roles perfectly played by one Heather Hodgson. This versatile actress took us from one character to the next with the slightest tweak and we marvelled at her conveyance of changing emotion. She was fabulous comedic and yet heart-wrenching in her more dramatic portrayals…” Grand River Sachem

…Hodgson’s portrayal of Harry’s mother and ex-wife are riveting and her delivery and realism were outstanding in all of her characters” Simcoe Reformer

…Hodgson also takes on the roles of Lori, Harry’s former wife, and his mother… and the veteran actress juggles the three roles with perfection.” The Observer

…a fine actor, Heather Hodgson handles herself admirably as three women in the show, making each a distinct character” The View, Hamilton

“Hodgson is excellent as Gin, but also easily flips easily into the flashbacks where she capably handles playing Harry’s ex-wige and his mother”. Entertain this Thought

Photo: Norm Foster, Heather Hodgson, Derek Ritschel


Heather Hodgson’s take on Abby is reminiscent of Kim Cattrall which works very well…(she)again handles Foster’s smart and sassy dialogue very well… It would be very difficult to find any actors who could perform Norm Foster any better. Theatre in London

…and Abby (Heather Hodgson) expertly set each other up and play off each other’s cues, making the comedy seem natural and instinctive… highlighting (her) gift for live theatre ”The Orangeville Banner

Both…and Hodgson rode the razor’s edge as women determined to put on a good front, but only seconds away fron completely melting into puddles of nasty truth. Brantford Expositor

Photo: Norm Foster, Heather Hodgson


“…peaking every opportunity with (her) honed craft of making the most of the script…flamboyant and effervescent…(Hodgson’s) energy simply fills the room each time she takes to the stage…”

Photo: Heather Hodgson and Stephen Sparks